SLC Birth Photography Model Call

Are you an expecting mama due in March, April or May of 2019 and interested in birth photos? Apply for my Birth Model Call!

3 Reasons You Need a Birth Photographer:

1. You will forget. 
It is a life-changing experience. And you remember those details so vividly at first, but just like all memories, the details fade. Sleep deprivation doesn't help! Seeing photos of your story will preserve those memories, help bring you back to those moments of empowerment, when you brought your baby into the world! Those are moments you are never going to get back.

2. Fathers should be in the photos, not taking them. 

He is part of that labor experience! When I had back labor with my first, my husband had to push on my back endlessly for me to make it through, and he owned his part in that story as we shared it with others after our babe had arrived. While we packed the camera, and I had planned on him snapping some shots, I needed his hands elsewhere. With a birth photographer, you get both great photos, and your partner's attention on where it should be - squarely on you.

3. I document the story that you miss.

While you are experiencing your inner story, there is an outer story unfolding as well. While you are preoccupied with delivering that baby, (as you should be!) I document all of the other details happening around you. The love and support from your care givers, the essential oil that helped your nausea, the way your partner looked at you in awe during labor, or your face when you met your baby for the first time.

Birth Session Includes:

* Pre-consultation (in-person, or by phone, email, or Skype)

* On-call 24/7 (yes, even at 2 AM) from 38 weeks until the time of delivery

* Unlimited time spent with you during active labor and up to one hour after the birth 

* 100+ high resolution images in an private online gallery in both color and black and white. 

* A deep discount will be given in exchange for the signing of a full model release. (

Birth photography by Tiffany Keetch Photography is priced at $1,200. Clients chosen to be a part of the model call will receive a 65% discount!! ($420+tax). This application is not a contract and does not mean you have booked Tiffany Keetch Photography for your birth photos. If you are interested in this model call, please complete the survey below and I will be in touch with more details. Application submissions will close on March 15, 2019. Thank you so much!

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