"Tiffany did my birth pictures and was fabulous. She was able to be in the room without me even noticing. She captured a miracle in each of her pictures. She maneuvered around the Doctor and Nurses to get the best angle and try and show the most modesty in the picture (which was hard because I was completely naked.) When she came back the next day she took more amazing pictures of our sweet baby and my husband and I. She did such a great job using the light in our room. I still tear up looking back at the photos! Tiffany has an eye for catching such tender moments!"

"Last Christmas I wanted to have my Grandaughters photographed together in my home. Tiffany was so good with the children, working hard to get the best photos possible even thought the children were being difficult. The photos turned out great!"

"I really enjoyed having my photos taken, it was fun to spend time with Tiff and exploring new places to take photos. She was open about different poses I wanted to try and I liked her ideas for poses as well. The photos turned out great and I actually used them for my graduation announcements. She did a great job editing out my hair elastic on my wrist and they looked perfect. I loved them. I would definitely have her take pictures for me for dances or my wedding way down the road too."

"I loved the pictures Tiffany took of my daughter. She did such an amazing job of capturing her personality. They are beautiful pictures, and I just love looking at them. My daughter always asks to go and have Tiffany take more pictures. She's amazing!"

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